Please don’t get involved with my womb again

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Weekly report of a young feminist #20: Slovak government strives to restrict the women’s right for the abortion once more. After corona crisis, when everyone fears of what future brings, the biggest concern of the state is to make sure that women will wait 96 hours instead of current 48 to get abortion. And that will probably ensure more endangerment of their lives and intensive subsequent depression. Thank God!

I’m genuinely trying to remain objective here, but when it comes to interruption, the hierarchy of my values becomes rigid. Even tough, the following text applies mostly for Slovak citizens, I’ve decided to write it in English, because I consider important that also my foreign friends have a chance to be concerned and aware of the situation in Slovakia. The government has never raised so many proposals for the change of the interruption law as it did in the past few months. Nowadays, most of us presume that we all have something to say about the act of aborting the foetus. Indeed, the democratic discussion involves similar delicate topics as well, but how come we always find the conclusion consisting of restrictions rather than helpful and encouraging solutions for parents?

I’m told that I should become pregnant and remain pregnant. However, when I do so, since in some countries I must, no one will eventually help me with the upbringing of the child nor with my personal needs. Imagine the amount of problems you will certainly have to face as a parent, especially as a mother. Firstly, you’ll presumably get fired and if not, your wage will be frozen because you’re on a maternity leave. Therefore, the pay gap between you and your male peer grows monthly and rapidly. Secondly, it will further affect your pension and also the quality of life, which additionally increases the chances for you to be endangered by the poverty. That is just an economical aspect, for which the state doesn’t have the answer. But surely, 900€ mentioned in the bill will make it up for you.

The emotional side somehow occurs to be omitted as well. When the father decides to leave and to enjoy his mourned freedom, the mother takes all the remaining responsibility for the child. But, when she wishes to support the child in any existing manner, the state gets involved again or actually, doesn’t at all. No sexual education, no attempts to erase the sexual violence, no minority protection, etc… In Slovakia, the recent proposal awaiting in the parliament, which aims to impede the conditions for the safe abortion, contains multiple wrong and populist “solutions”. These points regarding a serious medical interference haven’t been even discussed with the experts from the field. However, you have to visit two of them if you want to undergo interruption. Obviously, the emphasis is on foetus not the already living humans, which is also visible on the articulation of proposers.

Funny enough, the Slovak public perceives the current form of interruption law sufficient and 55% of respondents even wish to maintain its wording. Moreover, some would still demand greater freedom for pregnant women. My assumption is that majority of Slovak citizens understand the privacy of female bodies and the notion of freedom of choice. However, the representatives of these people forgot to get involved with the nation and rather choose to follow their own fantasy. Most of them decided to ignore the obvious graph which shows that rate of interruptions in Slovakia has a decreasing nature.

I’m sorry that I’m being bitter but women please understand, it’s only your decision in the end.  

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