Feminist TV shows you should watch

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Weekly report of a young feminist #19: Let’s add a bit of trouble-free clickbait to this weekly report. I would like to introduce you to my favourite TV Shows with a strong feminist nature which is eighter the primary motive of the show or is demonstrated through its main figures. I personally would re-watch every single one.

3. Mrs. America

I think that every person who is even slightly interested in feminist movement, already heard about this show. Mrs. America as the title reveals is an American show following the historical background of Equal Rights Amendment, a revolutionary attempt of American feminists to change the societal status of women, in other words, to guarantee equal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex. The establishment of ERA might be familiar to many of us interested in feminist politics, however the show personalizes the whole story of American feminist revolution. Activists from the 70’s and 80’s are well-known figures who accomplished a significant shift in lives of American women and still function as an inspiration for young representatives of current wave of feminism. Martha Griffiths titled “the mother of the Equal Rights Amendment” with her feminist colleagues Gloria Steinem, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Shirley Chisholm, Myrlie Evers-Williams are, in the series, portrayed as intelligent and competent yet powerless elites lobbying for the change in truly men’s world. On the other side of the spectrum, Phyllis Schlafly as the leader of backlash movement is the leaser known but very important figure in this fight. She managed to decelerate and even stop the ratification in several US states. Her immense knowledge accompanied by her dedication happen to be a reason why ERA became ratified in all states 30 years after it was proposed for the first time. The last state to join this amendment was Virginia in January 2020. Despite the complexity of the problem, the accuracy and simplicity of this TV show ensures that the person behind the screen won’t get confused by the storm of facts.

2. The Great

At first, I wasn’t sure if I want to start this show since I’m not a fan of historical themes but eventually The Great turned out to be very entertaining. Before I started the first episode, its reputation only revealed that the show is brilliant and satirical but the depth of its motive really surprised me. Firstly, the historical background isn’t salient, however the directors work beautifully with the state of society in the 18th century, so you should pay attention to political hints regarding the great Prussia and (most importantly) feminism. Apart from the fact that the main figure is a woman, since the show tells “an occasionally true story” of the empress Catherine the Great, it further mocks male supremacy and highlights the competence of strong women. Secondly, the fun of the show comes directly from its core so you’ll have a lot of fun while watching it. Plus, I personally love the acting of Elle Fanning. I admire how she uses her beauty in completely bizarre roles, so the vibe of Neon Demon is occasionally present in this show as well.

1. Sex and the city

Even though this TV show is extremely white and is justly criticized for it, Sex and the city still belongs to one of the first mainstream feminist manifestos. Throughout the years, its popularity still rises and some of the societal critiques which firstly occurred in this show are relevant even nowadays. Main figures of this show are four single women, who are always hunting men but simultaneously love to be powerful and independent. We always watch the relationships from the perspective of women and the opinion of men is mostly dull or missing. On the other hand, when we focus on their professional lives and occupations, we follow four successful and rich and beautiful women who “have it all”. Surely, there is a very strong motive of an American dream but overall, the story of independent women foremost aim to inspire young generations. Moreover, we should admire this show for raising some of the most controversial discussions such as legitimization of abortion or single parenting. When it firstly appeared on screens in 1995, these issues were still absent in the mainstream discourse. Therefore, I always like to re-watch the show because of the fashion aspect but also because of the inspiration which comes from the women’s empowerment present in the series.

+ My Brilliant Friend, The Handmaid’s Tale, Girls, Killing Eve

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