Don’t touch women’s asses while they’re working

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Weekly report of a young feminist #18: And preferably not at all if you don’t know that particular woman or there is no relationship between you two. Or when she simply doesn’t approve your hand on her ass because you are old, ugly or her boss.

Last week, Slovakian commercial television channel decided to exclude the country from the progressive part of the world when they broadcasted sexual misconduct in their evening show. Probably everyone in Slovakia came across this incident, even people who don’t watch that concrete show, since it caused a lot of disgust and subsequent public conversation. But to those, who aren’t familiar with the problem, I’ll willingly explain what happened. The mainstream television JOJ produces a comedian programme where four famous figures guess the occupation of random host. In the end of the show, the channel offers a montage of the funniest moments which happened during the show. This time, the situation which they considered hilarious showed a Slovakian actor (member of four famous people) touching an ass of makeup artist while she was doing her job.. To be exact, tickling the ass repeatedly (watch the full video here). The actor was literally making a joke of how he is molesting a woman who clearly has no powerful position on set since the television only showed her ass and not her face while he was touching her.

Thankfully, this situation provoked strong disagreement among the public. Subsequently, many journalists made an interview with this actor in strong belief that he would publicly apologize and condemn this form of behaviour. Well, we wouldn’t be in Slovakia if that scenario would actually happen. Instead he decided to worsen the situation by claiming that only frigid women would refuse his blissful touch and that they are not friendly enough. However, at this point, we notice many failures. Starting from the nature of some men and ending with the nature of mainstream Slovakian media which still consider discrimination against women a funny joke.

There are several reasons why is touching of women at the workplace unacceptable (you may read the great article in Slovak discussing the issue here). Firstly, the act itself distributes the power. When a man touches a woman intimately but publicly, he’s indirectly putting his female colleague in submissive status because he dared to do that. He considered himself in a position which allows him to approach people in excessively personal manner. We might compare it to a handshake. We all know that when you occur in an encounter with, for instance, president or your boss, the first person to put the hand forward is the one which happen to be in hierarchically higher position. On the contrary, when someone touches you, the person steals any form of your potential defence from you. Building on this notion, the person moreover leaves you with restricted number of responses. Either you accept, therefore you might become liked and popular, but the intensity of harassment will gradually grow stronger. Or you fight back, which might mean that you would be considered dull and sexless, or your career might even end at that point. There are million examples of job offers where one of the necessary attributes includes sexual services. The most famous people offering this form of job positions are for example well-known Donald Trump or Roger Ailes.

Secondly, you’re being molested for fuck’s sake. Please everyone should finally realize that the inappropriate and unwelcomed touch is unpleasant for every woman on earth. Unfortunately, the society established an image which forces under-educated women into accepting this form of behaviour, so they don’t feel less of a woman. And that’s the only explanation for the acceptance of this phenomenon by the fraction of female part of the society.

Thirdly, women and men must be treated equally. Simply, as you would never touch your male colleague’s ass or breasts, you should understand that those female parts are not everyone’s to share. Perhaps some women would do it as well, however we’re aware that it’s very rare because it happens only occasionally. Male supremacy is harmful for many of us and is visible on the streets, at work or in the households.

Finally, don’t perform such misconduct, that’s a simple advice. No apology for these acts is sufficient since it causes a lot of negative feelings while it’s happening. Moreover, when you live in a 21st century, you must know that women are at least trying to be treated in the same manner as men, so why would you do something what would your male peer never allow to happen. And argumentation which states that women can defend themselves without public being involved is false. Once you hold a powerless position, your attempts do so have the same powerless nature.

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