Do women have allies in the modern politics?

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Weekly report of a young feminist #16: Why are sexual allegations still ignored and interruptions still discussed? We got used to crazy restrictions coming from the conservative wing of the world’s parliaments, but the current model of world’s approach to women’s rights resembles the past times when women didn’t have any partners.

Starting point for this post was a very disturbing situation in the US regarding current presidential candidates. If I were an American woman, I would probably want to change my citizenship immediately. Why? The US president is an obvious misogynist whose victory surprised and upset all the progressive and rational people across the world. And now, when Democrats finally found a nominee with a strong chance of defeating Donald Trump in the upcoming elections, this same trustworthy and strong candidate must face sexual allegations. Tara Reade raised allegations of sexual misconduct against Joe Biden, Democratic hope for the White House, which supposedly happened when she worked with him in the 90’s. However, more disturbing than his wrongdoing is how he addressed this situation. He used the same tactics which he criticizes: ignoring and subsequent trivialization of the victim. It’s upsetting however, since he was the first candidate in a long time (probably maybe in history) who decided to choose the female vice-president.

These situations are not exceptional. The world is already familiar with another world leader, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau who was a big fan of women. Until he took over the office. Indeed, many of similar politicians appear in Europe. And I don’t have to go far for the examples. Slovakia repeatedly refuses to adopt strategy which might have the potential to improve the country in the sphere of women’s rights. But we always choose not to implement any progressive methods and we keep refusing anything what might help to increase the status of women in society. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter if we vote for left or right, for liberals or conservatives. In the end, men will always try to sustain the power and have significant difficulties to understand and resolve the wretched situation of women’s every day lives.

One week ago, the Slovakian media hit the bottom again. This time, the national television which is moreover paid from the citizen’s money; men’s and women’s money. They created a scandalous tv show which, according to many, should never become public. When I use the loose translation, the title said “At the cross”. Yes, cross as the Christian cross. Four men were sitting at the four ends of the cross and were discussing interruption. To be more specific, how should be interruption forbidden. They at least excluded the situations when a woman is raped or when the pregnancy endangers her life, but in my opinion and they also sort of stated that, they rather fancied the option that every conceived child should be born. Three of the hosts were fans of this idea, the fourth was present to “balance” the conservative and religious ideology. However, he wasn’t very successful in doing so. Firstly, he wasn’t even close to articulate all the negative aspects of the law which would ban the abortions, secondly, he wasn’t a woman.

But let’s exclude this motive. We all agree, that in situations in which we talk about women bodies, women should be present. But the obvious ignorant approach all of them had was insulting. Absolutely shocking was the situation when they put Poland as an example of ideal country when it comes to handling the abortion law. Do they actually see and understand the situation in Poland?

Since I don’t consider myself a radical feminist, I indeed don’t think that all men are against women’s freedom. I dare to think, that zero feminists think so. Usually, as in every field, only extremists admire that form of articulation. The reality I’m describing here is factual and unfortunately I still have to stress the fact that feminism is the movement for gender equality = the equality for all genders. Moreover, it’s extremely upsetting that so many years after the fight for ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), political parties in the democratic countries still win with the rhetoric involving suppression of women’s rights.

If we keep insisting on this articulation of women’s rights, we will never become a transparent state. And we’ll ensure that women won’t agree with feminist ideology. I think all people in the world disagree with interruption. In the respect, that we should help women to keep the children when they conceive. But who will ensure that women won’t be devasted by the childbirth, will ensure the job after the maternity leave and will create a system in which women won’t be directly affected by poverty when they retire? As long as we’ll refuse to adopt progressive mindset, I’ll be always reading posts on Instagram in which women think that being a feminist means hating men or even wanting to be one. And I really don’t want to explain this every time I come across such nonsense. State should be finally involved as well.

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