List of my favourite female DJs

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Weekly report of a young feminist #14: After series of rather difficult topics, I would like to switch to the theme we are all interested in – music. People who know me, already noticed that I’m into electronic genres such as techno or house and their further variations. So, let me introduce you to four influential women whose craft fascinates me.

  • Peggy Gou

Starting from my least favourite, Peggy Gou is a very popular figure for a past few years already. Some would state that she might be considered a real sellout. I remember the story which happened two years back, when I bought her first huge record Once in Amsterdam’s Rush Hour. We were attending great festival called Strange Sounds From Beyond, very alternative event hosting mostly unrecognized DJs. And imagine me as a visitor of this super independent festival buying a vinyl of DJ whose fans bring banners to her sets. Well I was properly mocked for this move by my friend, also a DJ called Prince of Whales. When he’s heard that I bought her record he started laughing and didn’t stop until we left Amsterdam. However, I have several reasons why I list her name here. Foremost, I admire her ability to always accentuate her gender and her heritage. She’s proud Korean women who as a minority succeeded in music industry. Plus, she’s very talented in various fields which can be demonstrated by her female-oriented streetwear brand called Kirin which filled the gap on the fashion streetwear market. Overall, I love listening to this mainstream Once vinyl I own and getting inspired by her outfits published on her Instagram account.

  • Carista

I was introduced to skills of this Dutch DJ originally from Utrecht quite recently. David is very much into music and he loves going through Boiler Rooms of emerging artists, so that’s how he showed me her vibrant sets sometimes interweaved with garage tunes. Carista performed her first gig in Rotterdam’s club thanks to her victory in a music competition. Since then, she became a resident in many local clubs and is now willing to become a selector for Dutch clubbing scene. According to her own words Carista feels the need as a black woman to provide the counterpart to male dominated music world and adds, “It’s time to shake things up now, and it’s happening – slowly but surely, it’s happening.”. We wanted to catch her at some of the festivals during this summer but since covid is taking over the fun, we’ll be probably forced to wait a bit longer. However, for your evening YouTube session, click on one of her sets instead of fun vlogs for once.

  • Octo Octa

With a long career of DJing and many views on her YouTube sets for Boiler Room or The Lot Radio, Octo Octa represents an established music figure with great taste in music. Former guy, now a beautiful woman, American DJ Octo Octa got me with her sets full of house music immediately. Influenced by Detroit’s techno scene, she has been a favourite DJ for many alternative platforms. She states that she’s proud of her reinvention and that she would like to become a relevant member of transgender community. Her talent in music will be a massive help to get the title, I guess. Thanks to the process of changing her gender identity, she crossed her path with Eris Drew, who is another excellent DJ, transgender woman and Octo Octa’s current partner. Their B2B sets leave you with a cheerful feeling linked to re-discovering your emotions. Feel free to get lost.

  • Kamma

Dutch young talent Kamma is a proud owner of electric bike in Amsterdam, which requires a lot of courage. Once I watched a short documentary where she provided a closer look on her DJ life in Netherland’s capital and described how other music people laugh at her when she rides that electric device. However, she simultaneously adds that she laughs at them when she takes her DJing gear twice the speed and in considerably lower pain than them. Coming from a music family and being rooted in Rush Hour’s community, she belongs to a fresh wave of selectors who subjugate the electronic dance scene. Her sets are usually accompanied by her friend Masalo, with whom she also co-hosts a party called Brighter Days. I haven’t seen them live yet but I hope I can manage it before she gets really big.  

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