Weekly Report of a Young Feminist #8: Here is the list of my favourite entertaining podcasts with the educational nature. So open your Podcasts app and get ready…

Lately, my journey to work is rather shorter than I would like it to be. The reason for my affinity for longer rides on public transit is that I always read. Moreover, I find it to be the most entertaining way of how to be at the final destination in the blink of an eye. Simply, time pass by very easily when you’re occupied by a story. It applies to movies or talks. But since you don’t always travel with a companion, especially when you’re going to work in the morning, or when you don’t have enough time or mobile data to watch movie, book is a convenient supplier of story.

However, as I said at the beginning, my morning ride to work shortened so I don’t have enough time to pull out a book. Anyway, I found another entertaining source of story, which doesn’t endanger my life as an open book at the crossroad would. I switched to listening to podcasts. Indeed, I’m familiar with this source of information for long time now, but either way, I always preferred books. And as you might be familiar with my topic preferences by now, I enjoy feminist stories, therefore my selection doesn’t come as a surprise. I would like to recommend three of them in the following text which might serve as a time killer for your next ordinary tram ride.

  • Medzi nami

My favourite podcast is unfortunately in Slovak language, but I can’t skip it since it might be enriching for my Slovak peers. What I find especially intriguing is the accuracy for local audience. It’s created by female journalists working for the newspaper called SME (my former employer), who interview experts from variety of fields and analyse topics which are circulating in the society at that exact moment. In my personal opinion, talking about Me Too movement in Slovakia is like talking about Istanbul Convention in Germany – pointless. Instead of educating people about existing problems which aren’t related to their life, they elaborate on things very much related to national sensations such as domestic violence or early menstruation. These kinds of talks are still very controversial in my country and I attribute significant importance to uncover them for our own progress and sanity.

  • Woman’s hour

For the international audience I have one podcast made by BBC. Actually I’m certain that whichever foreign source of information you favour, already publish regular podcast about feminist issues. The Guardian has one named “What would a feminist do”, which is unfortunately over but you might come across interesting topics, or “Millennial Love” by The Independent targeting mainly our or younger generation but anyhow provides enjoyable stories not solely related to feminism. Coming back to “Woman´s hour”, I like it because of its professionalism and diversity. You can choose from wide range of episodes which are presenting the mishmash of world problems regarding the achievement of global gender equality.

  • The Guilty Feminist

I would describe it as a renowned show with slightly anti-feminist nature. The main character is Deborah Frances-White who is an awarded comedian. Apart from the fact that I’m not a big fan of stand-ups, I’m slowly becoming aware of existence and popularity of some. Anyway, Deborah is considering being a feminist in 21st century a relatively difficult task and tells funny stories about her accomplishments and failures as a modern “activist”. Recently, I read a lot about the counter-ideas about feminism and how it’s perceived by non-feminists, who don’t have to be immediately labelled as antifeminists. Once my colleague from the NGO told me, that sometimes she feels that the real feminists are the ones who don’t claim it but rather live the ideology. Similarly, Deborah is making fun of feminists who are too restrictive about women’s free will and status in the society. She’s politely (more or less) advising them to put more trust and power in hands of those brave women out there.

  • Bonus: Dobrú chuť

Completely out of topic, but I just have to include this one. Even though I use kitchen only for putting cereals in my yoghurt, gastronomy is very appealing to me. Podcast “Dobrú chuť” is also made by SME and recorded in Slovak, but it represents my ultimate relax. The concept consists of interviews between two journalists and acclaimed Slovak foodies. I’m impressed that guests always operate within so-called alternative scene and are very open about their ideas, financial situation and life hacks. Their talks are not only related to food but also to the business models and current situation of food scene in Slovakia, mainly in Bratislava. I discovered what are the ingredients for the proper burger, how is it like to be a chef in the best restaurant in Slovakia, or that many people who work in this sphere have worked in Michelin star restaurants. When I finish the episode I’m not only hungry but also full of inspiration and hope, that one day, we’ll have our own Michelin guide.

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