I would like to introduce you to another project which popped in my mind recently. After starting the Weekly Report of a Young Feminist, which I really enjoy writing, a new idea regarding another important sphere in my life crystallized. As I’m very much interested in sustainable fashion, I started to think about resources which similar fashion enthusiasts have in Czechoslovakia. Indeed, there are several pleasant concepts, but in a comparison with Western world, the success of fast fashion in our region doesn’t come as a surprise.

In Bratislava, we miss a quality vintage store, which would offer a selection diverse enough to satisfy any type of consumer searching for sustainable alternatives. For instance, Nosene which might be considered the first pre-selected vintage store in Slovakia, usually offers clothes from fast fashion brands, therefore the range of customers is limited. I’m afraid that with this one, the assortment of vintage stores in the capital end. If we exclude chains of second-hand stores such as Textile House or Genesis, which don’t focus on quality but rather on the quantity, the options for vintage shopping shrink to the single shop. Personally, I like to visit these stores occasionally since you never know what kind of treasures you might find there, but when you have specific expectations you might be easily disappointed. However, to consider that type of stores a hand-picked or environmentally cautious would be overstated.

On the other hand, in Prague, the offer of vintage stores is significantly wider. My favourite one is for instance Recycle, which is re-creating old pieces and giving them a unique look. The creativity of the owner is magnificent, and I don’t hesitate to say that only a few would achieve what she had. Only one step behind is the concept also operating in Prague named 1981, which functions as a pop-up vintage store. Approximately once in a month, they create an event where they put all items they collected throughout a period and sell it to a wide range of customers. When I attended their pop-up once, I met people who usually shop in second-hand stores but also those who are aware of the trends and came to find unique clothes. Last but not least, Medium Rare Clothes is not even a vintage store, but Instagram based sellers who collect rare items such as YSL shirts, Acne Studios sweaters or Carhartt hoodies and sew a message on them. It’s very minimalist and exclusive at the same time.

I got inspired by all these examples and other sustainable models which I discovered abroad, and I decided to start something on my own. My friend Táde loves to create wordplays and he came up with the name which is something lucid yet tricky. Its title is the mix of languages, where the first word priestore is composed of English word store and Slovak word priestor which means space. Therefore, we generated a name which is international but intends to target Czechoslovak customers. I personally think that many people in Slovakia want to shop sustainably but don’t know where to go or what to trust. And there is a gap. Clothing which is offered on Vintage prieStore comes from many places and sources. It’s all pre-selected, hand-picked and intimate as our clothes should be. I think I would never be very good in PR since even in the promotion of my new project, some space is dedicated to the external ideas. However, this is the first day of Vintage prieStore and I would be thrilled if you would hit like, follow or share to this account full of love. All the buttons are there for, right?

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