Prague offers many potential plans for sunny weekends, as I briefly mentioned in a previous blog post. However, the following lines will present a detailed desription of interesting district called Holešovice; a hip neighbourhood, in which we are located.

I like to dedicate my weekends to exploration. When we moved here, we immediately discovered a coffee place called Letec located approximately three minutes from our apartment. Its space is small and if you´re in a mood for quality coffee, this is definitely a place to go. Another interesting spot for coffee or brunch is Letka and is coincidentally owned by the same people as Letec, but in any case, both places are worth a visit. Another concept which I love is called Luft and still belongs to the group consisting od coffee places even it´s more diverse. You can hang out here as much as you like since it´s a coffee place in the morning and a bar with a great music in the evenings. Moreover, they offer a nice selection of records, so if you are bored by your freelance work, you can take a break and listen to some good vinyls.

Holešovice also unites many good restaurants. We´re planning on going to a place called Brut. – Wines & Oysters and I think you can imagine what kind of food is served there. If you´re not a fan of oysters, head to Bistro 8. Except for easy lunch or pretty good bao burgers, you can get a nice coffee accompanied with a nice feeling gained from the number of plants there.

The other day, we finally went to DOX, which is a contemporary gallery located in a massive building, where you can get lost only while searching for the exhibitions. I personally prefer the terrace because of the huge airship, which you can enter and enjoy the wooden beauty. You might also find a lot of pressures in their design shop, so make sure you have enough time before closing.

Regarding shopping, you can visit several stylish spots in Holešovice, especially in its part Letná. Recycle with love is the primary representative of vintage stores in Prague. Its clothes are not only well selected but also remade, so those unique pieces always add a special value to your outfit. Additional secret tip: there is also a really cheap thrift shop, which is selling everything from clothes to cutlery and can be found only one street below.

Unfortunately, the rent prices are crazily high since the most of the apartments throughout the city are taken by Airbnb hosts. Let´s hope the government will discern this problem and will apply regulations against the disproportional raise of prices caused by Airbnb. For now, if you´re lucky and find something accessible, go for it because Holešovice has a lot to offer.

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