I recently relocated to Prague. After finishing my master´s degree in Brussels, the time was about right to move somewhere else. Prague is relatively close to Bratislava but offers disproportionally more job opportunities. Moreover, the city is more diverse and Sunday plans can be countless if you define your interests.

Anyway, in Prague I finally came across a job offer which I desired for longer time. I contacted Czech women´s lobby with a request for a position in their organization. Despite their negative reply, I was lucky, because they recommended another feminist think tank operating in Prague which was searching for a new team member. The name of the feminist organization is Forum 50 % and their main agenda consists of lobbying for the higher representation of women in public spheres, especially in politics. Subsequently I met with a head of the organization and I got accepted. I was truly happy that I got the opportunity to work in this sphere without any previous qualification.

My tasks vary, however are always related to either advocating or maintaining the gender equality. I work with a lot of data, stats or analysis and basically, I try to help people to picture how inequal our world is, in the matter of gender. Exploration of facts is from many angles eyes opening and as I´m regularly mentioning in my blog posts, even I read a lot about feminist issues, the number of unexplored spheres related to oppression is surprising. I discovered this after I was in daily contact with other people working in the organization and having different areas of expertise. One of my colleagues is for instance focusing on faulty procedures in obstetrics, which are impacting the mother´s well being and recovery after childbirth. The whole problem behind this medical treatment was breath-taking and I was shocked that I never heard anything about it.

Currently, we are working on one project aiming to explain the term master “techniques of suppression” or in other words domination techniques. The term consists of several gestures used by people in dominant positions, mostly men, against hierarchically less powerful people in the society, usually women. Those techniques are being used in our daily lives, mainly in offices, during the meetings or simply during the conversations. It can be determined on an example when a woman is presenting a topic, which she understands very well, but men start reading their papers or looking to their phones and showing no respect to the presenter only because of her gender. Many times, the woman presenting her agenda is more educated than the rest of the room, but in their opinion, she deserves less attention because of her high-pitched voice.

These things happen, as well as other discrimination based on gender. Now, when I´m working in an organization, which is trying to erase societal inequity, I´m gradually realizing it to its full extent. With the facts and data, I´m trying to be more aware of the suppression happening in the streets and offices and I´ll try to stop it until someone gets more hurt than he or SHE currently is.

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