[ENG]  Following pictures inspired me to elaborate on my life in Belgium. Since I´m leaving and coming back only for holidays or to refresh memories, I would like to present the positives of being based in this lovely country. Brussels as the capital might be described as significantly diverse and this diversity is visible within the whole city. Its inhabitants might discover and enjoy different events, shops, restaurants or galleries every day. For instance, pictures bellow were taken at Kanal (multifunctional space for art or music), during a regular summer event which I endlessly love. They invite starting DJs, who are members of quality music labels such as Dekmantel, so people can dance in front of the venue until late hours. They further provide a bar with selected Belgian beers, street food trucks or anything what a youngster needs to have a proper night out. It altogether ensures crowd full of stylish and beautiful people, who arrived to relish the pleasures provided free of charge by activists behind Kanal – Centre Pompidou.

Despite the fact that Belgium is a relatively small country, its diversity generates multiple activities available for curious people. Throughout my stay, I have visited many cities and I guess my most favourite ones are Antwerp and Ghent. Antwerp as a fashion mecca offers an opportunity for visitors to observe Belgian fashion brands and to discover a former path of the famous Antwerp Six. On the other side, Ghent creates the impression of being more subtle and homely. It´s certainly on my list of recommendations.

Last but not least, Ostend is the city which I visited quite recently but I immediately fell in love with the Belgian coast. Sand beach in a combination with the North Sea provides a perfect plan for hot afternoon. I was at the coast with my friends after our last exam. By the time we got there, the weather was not ideal, but despite all the difficulties we wanted to swim in the waves. This great idea accompanied with the beer in our hands glamourized one of my last days in Belgium. Few days afterwards, I moved out from my beloved Rue Malibran and finished one chapter of my life. However, this episode brought many great people and memories to my life and I´m utterly appreciative for this life period.

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