[ENG] While searching for the possible placement for an internship in Brussels, I focused mostly on independent Belgian magazines, preferably related to fashion. After my comprehensive research, I came across several, but I chose four publications representing the quality and alternative journalistic culture in Belgium.

  • Behind the Blinds

Creative and innovative approach to fashion is presented by a magazine Behind the Blinds. When I first bought their issue, I didn´t know that they are actually based in Brussels. The fashion editorials provide the inspiration, intensely required in the alternative journalistic field. According to me, the best part of their fifth issue which I own, is the interview with French actress Isabelle Huppert favoured by great director Michael Haneke. The story was accompanied with pictures showing Isabelle in fetching outfits and challenging postures. You might currently find the sixth issue on the stands.

  • Girls Like Us

Perhaps one of the best magazines I have ever read, Girls Like Us covers queer and feminist topics and questions the current capitalist society. I had the pleasure to meet the editor in chief and the creator of the magazine Jessica Gysel. The ideology behind the magazine is composed of ideals regarding gender equality or ensuring human rights for queer communities all around the globe. The content of a magazine is related to variety of different topics, for instance, they posed series of articles about lesbian bars in different countries and how they struggle to profit and stay open. Jessica Gysel is also founder of a lesbian bar called Mothers & Daughters located in the hip part of Brussels. Don´t hesitate to visit the bar with one issue of Girls Like Us in your bag.

  • Akt Magazine

Akt Magazine, established quite recently, released only their second issue where they publish stories about Belgian landscape, architecture or design. Its layout resembles Cereal magazine, which is simple and structured. Some of the articles encourage readers to explore hidden gems of Belgium and support local designers of furniture or additional furnishings. You might buy it in several shops in Belgium, however, the size of their newsroom doesn´t allow them to expand, yet.

  • The Brussels Times

Quality magazine The Brussels Times provides coverage of events not only from Brussels but also foreign news and is composed of different sections. The other day, when I was having a brunch with Adam in Parlor coffee, I found one version of a magazine and I came across an article about first lesbian activist, who opened the bookstore with solely feminist publications and is till operating in Brussels. Or another piece about the vulnerability of Me Too movement and how we should always lobby for it, not suppress its intentions. However, The Brussels Time represents a valuable source of information and moreover is publishing interesting opinions written by journalists based in the European core.

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