[ENG] This blog post is dedicated to a list of my favourite Slovak brands which are both sustainable and snazzy. When I´m abroad, people are curious about the origin of my clothes or accessories, which are made by fashion brands based in Slovakia. I always love to recommend them to everyone, because except for their timeless pieces, also prices are laudable. The list of five brands is provided below.

  • Buffet clothing

Buffet clothing, as my most favourite Slovak fashion brand, works with the soft materials and clean shapes. They somehow create simple, yet hip silhouettes, which follow the structured standards representative also abroad. The production is based in Portugal in a factory further used by Virgil Abloh for his Off-White collections.
Tree designers behind Buffet primary focus on basic colours such as white, black or grey but are often supplied with more bright colours like orange, which can be found in their latest collection. I have variety of their pieces and I´m currently in love with their “snake bucket hat”, which I unfortunately cannot wear because of my curly hair. They already expanded to Germany or Czech Republic and people seem to enjoy their designs everywhere. Buffet clothing indeed ships worldwide.

  • Retart

Retart´s iconic pieces are represented by wallets and lace belts. They collaborate with artists, who produce creative and original designs, which are subsequently applied on variety of their products. I bought my wallet about 3 years ago and it still fully functions, plus I receive a lot of questions about it. The shapes of wallets are practical even if you want to put it inside of your pockets, and don´t require much of a care. The biggest fan of the wallets I know is Táde, who already has three: one for euros, another for forints and the third for cards.
Secondly, I don´t wear many accessories, therefore I often rely on my glasses or belts. I can ensure you about the handiness of the belts since they always add an extra value to the outfits and fulfil the purpose. Besides the good design, I support Retart because of their approach to manufacturing process. The sustainability represents a significant integrant in what they do, and moreover, their products are sold for (surprisingly) low prices.

  • Novesta

Let´s move to footwear. Novesta as a Slovak brand achieved a great success when they collaborated with a Japanese brand called Comme des Garçons. People are mostly aware of the collaboration between CDG Play and Converse, however, I prefer this one. Not only because I feel the “national” closeness but rather because of its simpler design. The brand was established in 1939 in the middle of Slovakia and still maintains the quality, which is adjusted to the contemporary demand of youngsters.
However, you might meet older people wearing Novesta as well since it might represent a reminder of the past. You can buy some pairs also in CDG´s stores called Dover Street Market, which signify an undoubted guarantee of a right choice.

  • Pakta studio

Relatively new brand Pakta studio is focusing on bags and accessories. Minimalist design (again, sorry) and sustainable materials generate an everyday piece which is perfectly suitable with any attainable style. I picked two bags: Rezident and A5 handbag.
Their products resemble to A-Cold-Wall* and its handbags, but Pakta´s prices are significantly lower. Currently, you can buy some of Pakta´s designs on events supporting the local brands such as Urban Market in Bratislava, which might be another reason to visit Slovakia.

  • Eco heart

Slightly different from the others mentioned in the list, Eco heart produces ecological and elegant toothbrushes. The body consists of a bamboo and people can choose from several colours of bristles, I´m a fan of the black one. Its package is very practical for traveling and moreover, every component is decomposable.
Once my friend noticed that we have the same brand of a toothbrush and when I told her that it´s a Slovak brand, she was really surprised. Therefore, I decided to include Eco heart in this post and advise you to think about sustainable alternatives to products also appearing in the bathroom.

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