[ENG] Belgrade was on my list for a long time already. I don’t really have a reason for that. Perhaps it all started when I saw an Instagram post by Resident Advisor recommending one vinyl store in Belgrade. A week after, my grandma returned from Serbian capital and I was somehow jealous of her experience. Therefore, I proposed Belgrade for this year’s Eastern getaway.

If you travel from Central or Eastern Europe, you may reach the city easily by car. Indeed, it depends on how addicted on cigarettes you are, or how big your bladder is. One way or another, dedicated driver can arrive to Belgrade after relatively pleasant amount of time. For this trip, I wasn’t responsible for the selection of our Airbnb, therefore the location was safe and apartment modish. Actually, it wasn’t cozy for everyone. We booked a mezzanine, so we had to climb a ladder to get to the “bedrooms” and since Táde has a special hatred for highs, he decided that a couch is the perfect solution for him.

Except for a splendid accommodation, it also came with an extraordinary host. Our first day began with a funny guy (our host) taking us to his coffee shop in a completely different district in Belgrade. It’s called Java Coffee and the coffee was better than expected from a guy like that. Apart from my first impression, he was very nice, and he helped us with everything he could. To be honest, there wasn’t a thing he couldn’t dealt with. Coincidentally, the coffee place was located close to the Museum of Yugoslavia, or if you wish House of Flowers.

It was under the reconstruction when we visited it, but from what we saw, we understood, that Tiso was a Yugoslavian hero. Further recommendations related to art and culture includes National Museum of Serbia and Belgrade Fortress. But after a while you conclude, that even you expected the city to be hip (at least I thought so), it’s still in a development phase.

The advantage of undeveloped yet ripened city, is the local cuisine. If you’re lucky, you come across the city which is progressive in terms of fine dining restaurants. Belgrade is certainly a city like that. We went for a dinner to two outstanding restaurants, where the food was both delicious and cheap. On Friday, we chose Homa, which is a concept consisting of two restaurants: one focusing more on the relaxed atmosphere and the second one, on tasting menus. Since Adam refuses to eat without being able to choose his own meals, we headed to Homa bistro. I can’t complain, I enjoyed it.

We experienced hard times on Saturday. While the selection of restaurants was endless, we couldn’t agree on a specific one. Eventually, after hours of discussion, we went to the fine dinning restaurant called Enso. Guys enjoyed it better than Homa bistro, but I stayed neutral. I forgot to mention, that you can smoke literally everywhere in Belgrade and I must add, that there is nothing better than to smoke one cigarette after a delicious dinner, but still before the dessert.

Finally, I will disclose the name of that vinyl store mentioned in the beginning: Yugovinyl. Btw, I was searching for a travel guide in advance and it’s almost impossible to find any. The only one is published by Phaidon, but I don’t recommend it very much. Therefore, these tips must be enough for you. Enjoy and have fun!

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