[ENG] MAD is a fashion and design platform based in Brussels. Its purpose is to raise social awareness around Belgian designers who mainly (maybe solely) have sustainable processes and production or the entire ideology.

What do I like about MAD?

I remember the first time I got to know the organization. I attended a fashion event in their headquarter and I was immediately impressed by the building. White, modish and very minimalist. These three words render the ensemble of building’s appearance, so I’m truly lucky to sit there four days a week. The building is also quite big, and you can work everywhere. Once, my boss approached me with a request if I can work behind the table which is placed at the entrance of the building, so I was basically a manikin in a showcase for a day. But I loved it.

Secondly, the agenda of MAD is great. Everything is linked either with fashion or design. At the same time, the whole ideology comprises of creative approaches and sustainability, therefore all projects are very close to my beliefs and interests. The mood board in our office is full of inspirational materials and everyone is welcomed to add anything, so it can give us the energy to create. I like how everything there is somehow inspirational, also events that are happening regularly. MAD is promoting Belgian design through the exhibitions, workshops or additional events which are held not only in Brussels, but also abroad. For instance, last week my colleagues attended Milan design week and they managed to get back before yesterday´s opening of an exhibition. Openings are always full of stylish people, good vibe and stirring discussions.

Moreover, MAD is helping young designers to establish their brands through project called MAD Lab. This laboratory is located in a different building in order to have more space for designers and enable them to create their final products there. The space reminds obsolete school and consist of blue tiles, a lot of flowers and the terrace where you can experience literally the best view in Brussels.

Finally, my internship is giving me the skills which I longer needed. I wanted to experience working in western organization operating in the field of sustainable fashion to be able to decide on my future. I’m becoming familiar with the functioning of the market as well as with the work of designers. Subsequently I can capitalize knowledge and apply it in a different cultural base, like ours in central Europe. I consider every opportunity beneficial no matter what kind, if you stay close to the area of your expertise. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply for any job you might be interested in, and also don’t hesitate to visit MAD when in Brussels.

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