[ENG] In the age of consumerism and a capitalist shopping approach, the word sustainability is used by all stakeholders in the fashion field who are willing to make a change in consumers´ behaviour. However, despite the extensive diligence by fashion workers, independent from the bigger companies, fast-fashion chains are always one step ahead. Sometimes I am wondering, why am I still surprised by the fact that people can´t circumvent the attractive logos of fast-fashion stores when the brands ensure one T-shirt for 4€ (always in the sale!). But then I come across an article which states that more than half of fast-fashion items are thrown away in less than a year and I´m subsequently convinced that any activity related to sustainable fashion can only be beneficial.

Moreover, fast-fashion chains such as H&M are trying to become an intermediary between bad and sustainable by doing collaborations with well-known brands. Their latest project with Swedish brand called Eytys upset me. I love their products, and I was disappointed that they were willing to create a collection which was way cheaper and more basic than their standard fabrication. Once, I passed by the H&M store in Brussels and I noticed the collection in the window. I was curious so I walked in. I think it was the first time in a year that I did that. I touched the fabrics, I looked at the designs, I checked the prices and nevertheless I liked it, it seemed thoughtless.

Perhaps I´m being too severe and naive, but I don´t think that brands with a strong ideology should team up with the chains which are using the sweatshops and a cheap labour to reach wider audience. Their collaboration with 032c was way better by the way. If they want to preserve their allegiance to the sustainable practices, they might use different channels to increase their visibility. But I must add that I love, and I will always be in love with their iconic shoes and I consider their campaigns currently unbeatable. If this is the first time you´re reading about Eytys, I strongly advise you to check them out. In addition to that, all their products are unisex.

Since the confusion about sustainability within the fashion market is large, several organizations are trying to help the consumers to decide which brands are worth the support. Close the Loop, for instance, is a “guide towards a circular fashion industry” and its main purpose is to help starting designers to establish their new brands following the principles of sustainable way of working. Besides this useful tool, the organization offers also a list of fashion brands which meet the requirements of eco-friendly production. Hence everyone who considers clothes as a primary element in life should stop unpremeditated purchases and rather search for the guidelines or a simple advice on how to avoid fast-fashion.

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