[ENG] Welcome to Athens, a lovely but slightly disruptive city. Greece is in the EU but since the financial crisis the city feels more like an excluded entity than a part of European unity. However, the pros of Athens are the perfect weather, amazing colours (literally everything is in beige) and great food for reasonable prices. The disadvantages are mostly related to the condition of the city. More or less everything is quite destroyed, and a lot of neighbourhoods seem pretty unsafe.

But the city is indeed enjoyable. Let´s look at the things we´ve visited. We mostly enjoyed the food and the sightseeing. For the morning brunch we head to Philos Athens. Their eggs are amazing, and the venue is even nicer. On the next day we went to Queen Bee and besides the tasty brunch menus, you also have to try their home-made life-changing donuts.

Even though brunch is considered lunch and breakfast in one, Adam was always hungry, therefore we never skipped the proper lunch. We always chose nearby but recommended tavernas with homely atmosphere. One cannot leave Greece without trying Tzatziki or Souvlaki and traditional tavernas are the perfect place where to have it.

Nevertheless, in my opinion, dinners are the best parts of the days anyway. We dedicated our Sunday evening to Michelin star restaurant called Hytra. They specify in modern cuisine and we managed to have a very good deal because of an event called Dine Athens. Several restaurants across Athens are participating in this project whose main purpose is to mediate exclusive food experience to people who enjoy fine dining. However, it was my first experience with a Michelin star restaurant and I truly enjoyed it.

In between the food experiences we had some time to explore the city, and here comes another great deal which we accidentally came across. On every first Sunday during the winter months, the city provides free entrance to all architectural sights. So, damn, we saved a lot of money. Therefore, we went to almost all the temples in Athens. Among all I found the Acropolis of Athens most beautiful, but only because of the splendid view. At every architectural sight we played a game: we had to guess the approximate age of the monument, and unfortunately, I always lost.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we are proper educated art lovers, hence we also visited a few museums. We went to the Acropolis Museum which is located in an amazing building full of historical sculptures. But, to be honest, I was more impressed by the design of the building rather than the exhibition. The next day we visited the Museum of Cycladic Art. The interior of their coffee place is very nice, and the selection of their bookstore is worth mentioning.

I would like to highlight more things, but you are probably bored (or hyped?) at this point so I will finish my recommendations here. We spent three days in Athens, due to my mistake in an unsafe district, but enjoyed the city a lot. If you want to do the same, except for the dangerous Airbnb, please go for it and don´t forget to buy a travel guide by Monocle.

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