[ENG] Vienna is only approximately one hour away from Bratislava. The Austrian capital has its own specific vibe which ensures a pleasant feeling for any visitor. Therefore, a lot of Slovak citizens choose it as their weekend getaway. This time, we´ve spent only one day in the city, but due to its closeness, it used to be a hub for our techno parties. Well, to a certain extent it still is.

As proper educated art lovers, we headed to the gallery as soon as we got off the bus. It is called Belvedere 21 and their current exhibition is fully dedicated to digital age. They mostly showed how the online world, and more specifically social media, shape our daily routine. I was surprised how explicit art can be because I could clearly see the relation between the exhibition and my master thesis which is about “fake news”.

Full of art but with empty stomachs, we decided to head to a place that is recommended by literally everyone I know. Bao bar serves small bao burgers in several variations with fries or Asian salat. We tried chicken and pork bao and it was honestly delicious. Moreover, the prices are fair so if you´re in a mood for tasty and easy lunch, Bao bar is the place to go.

My addiction to coffee shows off mostly after lunch, so our next steps were certain. Balthasar coffee bar is known for its nice interior and good coffee, but unfortunately, we weren´t able to find a seat. Therefore, we came up with a plan B: nice hidden coffee place with great chocolate cake – PAiM espressobar.

The trip wouldn´t be complete without some records shopping. The cozy vinyl store Das Market offers a wide selection of electronic music and its owner is also an extreme chain smoker (after an hour in his store you will stink like an ashtray). He is really kind and helpful but sometimes it might be over the top because you don´t even know how, and he places 30 records next to your record player saying that he loves them all.

Vienna is a very simple city but full of history, art and design. Going around is a pleasure also because of its architecture, hence many places are worth to visit. Most of the independent publishing houses offer travel guides to Vienna so getting to know the city can be truly effortless.

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