[ENG] While digging deeper in the field of feminism, one sphere is appearing more often than others. Significant inequality among the genders is mostly related to the working conditions of women. As I mentioned before a lot of inspiration for my blog posts comes from school assignments or additional reading materials such as articles in newspapers.

Regarding the first source of inspiration, I recently dedicated my paper to freelance work concerning journalism. Academics consider freelance work an opportunity for women on maternity leave to increase their income. Needless to say, the fact that child care is not solely the duty of mothers was omitted. Researchers pinpointed the fact that women can become a part of the labour force only after their parental role is fulfilled. In addition to that, disproportionately more attention was paid to women freelance workers than to male freelancers. Why is that? Let´s explain it on one instance from the coverage of women in media. If women reach a crucial position in politics (she becomes prime minister, for example), journalists always ask her how she can manage both of her roles – mother and politician. Has anyone ever considered male prime minister unsuitable for the position because he wouldn´t have time for his children and career? I don´t think so.

The second important source which led me to write this blog post was an article in the Slovak newspaper Denník N stating that gender roles are not even close to being equal. Women are naturally expected to take more care of the household than their partners, moreover they are even expected to have a proper job as well. According to the study, Slovak women spend 16 more hours a week taking care of their house than men, while they only spend 4 hours less in their jobs. Indeed, the role of women is rather contested by women themselves. However, the lack of education in the feminist field is obvious. If women continue to think that feminism denies their right to be feminine, the progress won´t come. The same applies for men. Household, children or finance are the common duties of both genders and not opportunities for discrimination or segregation.

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